Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a booth via our booking system on our website. Book here.

We have four different karaoke booths: Hello Kitty (4p), Retro (5-8p), Anime (9-11p) and Waifu (11p-13p).

Hello Kitty: up to 4 people

Retro: 5 to 8 people

Anime: 9 to 11 people

Waifu: 11 to 13 people

In the private karaoke booths, you can choose from more than 19,000 songs and create your own playlist.

When you book online, you book automatically for 2 hours. If possible, you can book an additional session at the bar (1 or 2  hours). If you are feeling spontaneous and want to book a room at the bar, you can book a session for 1 or 2 hours. However, it is not guaranteed that booths will be available if you do not book online in advance.

We offer amazing drinks and cocktails! Currently, we do not offer food but it is something we are working on. So stay tuned!

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own drinks. We offer drinks at the bar to keep the party going. It is allowed to bring your own food as long as everything stays clean in the rooms.

Everyone is welcome at Baraoke! In line with regulations, we do not sell alcohol to minors.

Everyone is welcome at Baraoke! We offer a variety of songs for children too!

You can pay in cash or by card.

The closest parking is ‘parking Vismarkt‘ it is approximately a 6-minute walk to the Baraoke but it is paying parking. Please consult the website of the city of Leuven for more information about parking possibilities.

You can definitely celebrate special occasions at Baraoke, it is sufficient to simply book online. If you would like to plan something more special, please send us an email with your request.

If you cancel a booth 72h in advance you can get a refund. If you do not show up or cancel last minute we cannot refund your booking. Please write us an email to cancel your booking.

The Baraoke bar is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, all the booths are only accessible by stairs.

Of course, please come to the bar to request an extension.

Please check our site regularly. If your preferred time slot is available we do recommend booking as soon as possible. In particular, Fridays and weekends tend to be booked quickly.

Yes, your booking is confirmed as soon as the payment is successful.

Please send us an email if you request an invoice. If you also need the tickets for all the drinks for VAT purposes, please let the bar know upfront.

If the capacity of the room allows it, it is no problem. Please, just pay for the additional people at the bar.

You can get refunded in drinks. For example, you get a free cocktail if one person is absent.